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                WELCOME TO TKOBO SMS

In today’s fast pace environment, our most expensive asset is time. Using SMS gateway can save your time and budget in many different areas. Are you a business owner? TKOBO SMS can be used to ensure employees and clients receive vital and updated information about your company at a pocket friendly budget.

Companies now consider SMS as a “must have” tool that can progress marketing dialogue with key audiences by supplying an effective method of contact. It is also taken as a crucial tool through which necessary standards of results can be achieved. It works like magic! TRY TKOBO SMS NOW!!!

Our system allows clients to set their own sender’s ID which can be individual name or company name. Our range of SMS gateway API allows you to quickly send multiple SMS messages through your website applications and database. Our SMS API is built in a straightforward manner to ensure hassle-free integration with our SMS gateway. Our State-of-the-art messaging platform gives you the opportunity to schedule your SMS.