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Look at this, bahd! Brainstorming about taking TNT on the road — conversation on stage, potential guests and music, comfortable Canadian clothing. Hung up on him. Mike Duffy app — pre-recorded names. Jonathan vs Jonathon. Berry vs Barrie. Kent transferring calls. Barry makes funny faces and annoying noises, has a shirts-off party. Gordie focusing on the accounting; Toby eating candy bars and getting chocolate on the receipts.

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Grab a box and shut your word-hole…. Frig off and let me do my work, willya? Just keep your hands off of me, you greasy jerk! Potential names for Quebec announcer? Roch Vagine? Nickname discussion. You are a little forward looking. I could cut glass. From having a keen grasp of the obvious?

I loved that. Turn this shit off! Forget it, Petra! Doing make-up in bathroom. Arnol vs. Mike from tnt. Jeremy tells about meeting Jonathan at Matt Mayes house party, playing left-handed drum kit; their appreciation for social commentary. Jonathan discusses finding it hard to turn down fan requests for J-Roc appearances at bachelor parties.

Hit the Post Game — Jeremy: Audience Question: If you were a stripper, what would your 3 song set be? Episode 40 Discussing being middle aged. Activities for kids— Sug doing Timbits soccer— discuss favourite Timbit flavours, discuss the frozen not baked; syringes to inject timbits. Lunch Time anxiety. Buys a white 3-piece suit. Crash Test Dummies. Jeremy shares Annalise Kindergarten story.

Sometimes the bag wins, sometimes you win. Pump the breaks on the alpha-male stuff, bro-dude! Hi, Tim! Respect for solo radio hosts having conversations with themselves for 3 hours. Sunglasses on the back of your neck is full douche-bag. Need some sweaters or egg cartons for the walls?

He drew a deep breath. "Well, I'm back," he said.

Greasy 2 bedroom apartment. Ambulance came to get body — but as they went down the stairs, the body almost comes off the gurney. Saw his grey face. His couch was left behind in the lobby, tipped up on its side. Jeremy and Jetson steal money from the year-old man selling corn on the side of the road in Mansfield; birthday cash from extended family.

Lived in abandoned ice cream shack with 3 cots. Canadianity: The Book — Fall of release. Harper Collins is publisher. Update on Newstalk Radio show. Miniature Ponies 3rd gig raising money for Community Centre. Tell us why we should do a podcast at your house at taggartandtorrens gmail. Jonathan breaks character to sing along. Can you put on sk8r-boi?

Top Stitches Story. Jonathan sliced thumbs open while working at all-you-can-eat Lobster Restaurant. The blow-fish have more moves than you. I could fix that right quick. Lucy from Barra MacNeils played harp at Torrens wedding.

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It just rolled out there? Is he? I hate guys who smack the guitar on the beat. Do you know how much the song sucks? Just play it and shut up! I want a divorce. You will not interrupt me one more time! Wanna practice? Wanna try me out? Wanna take a taste of the candy bar before you buy it?

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Cummings vs Bachman argument. David Spade has a new show. Jonathan shares about trip to Chicago; no issues with this trip! Jonathan sings along. Equivalent to truck nuts. The new rat-tail.

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Scooby said I can call her Ann this year. Jason Alexander as Inspector Gadget? We should probably dance or whatever. PEI theme park camping. Brings kids on stage, so nobody can leave.

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Magic to have a CBC radio show. Jeremy has met him! Discussed music programs in schools. I got a girl in here!

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  5. Maybe YOU should get your own apartment! Magic shows up and starts talking legal talk?