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This letter was prompted by the 22 precious lives taken in El Paso on August 3, , by a year-old white supremacist gunman. Just hours after I sat down to write, I heard about the horrible killings of nine more people, this time in Dayton, Ohio, carried out by a year-old white male gunman.

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How much can any of us take? We are failing ourselves. We are not asking the right questions; we are failing to use truthful and courageous discourse to describe the suffering from human violence, the sort that is nationally and globally predicated upon forms of white nationalism.

I have no idea what Trump means when he utters those words, or what they amount to, other than an effort at mass distraction and obfuscation. To sow seeds of white racist divisiveness, hatred and xenophobia, and then cynically use the words of a healing spiritual message stinks of religious duplicity; it is discourse steeped in denial. He makes it easy.

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And if this is so, something has gone theologically awry. We have not become more loving as a nation.

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If God cannot do this, then it is time we got rid of Him. So, why write this letter? It builds the sepulchers of the fathers. It writes biographies, histories, and criticisms. The foregoing generations beheld God face to face; we through their eyes.

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Why should not we also have an original relation to the universe? There is nothing about our universe that proves a priori that this letter will not be heard by You. I realize that the act of writing such a letter is itself hasty as it assumes that You exist. The salutation is perhaps a bit silly. Yet, that is the risk that I take.


In fact, it is a risk worth taking. I do worry, though, about Hawking's sweetly divine faith in humanity. He told El Mundo: "In my opinion, there is no aspect of reality beyond the reach of the human mind. If that's true, the human mind still has to develop exponentially to explain everyday phenomena, such as social networking. And then there's Hawking's insistence that his speech synthesizer, which gives him a curiously American accent, has had this consequence: "With the American accent, I've had far more success with women.

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We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don't show this again. Stephen Hawking makes it clear: There is no God The physicist explains that science now offers more convincing explanations for existence. Chris Matyszczyk. How can physical atoms and molecules, for example, create something that exists in a separate domain that has no physical existence: human consciousness? This mystery is the same one that existed in the Greek worldview of Plato, who believed that abstract ideas above all mathematical first existed outside any physical reality.

The material world that we experience as part of our human existence is an imperfect reflection of these prior formal ideals.


As I would say, mathematics is operating in a god-like fashion. The workings of human consciousness are similarly miraculous. Like the laws of mathematics, consciousness has no physical presence in the world; the images and thoughts in our consciousness have no measurable dimensions. Yet, our nonphysical thoughts somehow mysteriously guide the actions of our physical human bodies.

This is no more scientifically explicable than the mysterious ability of nonphysical mathematical constructions to determine the workings of a separate physical world. Until recently, the scientifically unfathomable quality of human consciousness inhibited the very scholarly discussion of the subject.


Since the s, however, it has become a leading area of inquiry among philosophers. Recognizing that he could not reconcile his own scientific materialism with the existence of a nonphysical world of human consciousness, a leading atheist, Daniel Dennett , in took the radical step of denying that consciousness even exists. As an atheist, Nagel does not offer religious belief as an alternative, but I would argue that the supernatural character of the workings of human consciousness adds grounds for raising the probability of the existence of a supernatural god.

Evolution is a contentious subject in American public life. As I say in my book, I should emphasize that I am not questioning the reality of natural biological evolution. What is interesting to me, however, are the fierce arguments that have taken place between professional evolutionary biologists. A number of developments in evolutionary theory have challenged traditional Darwinist — and later neo-Darwinist — views that emphasize random genetic mutations and gradual evolutionary selection by the process of survival of the fittest.

A number of scientists, such as Francis Collins , director of the U.

Stephen Hawking's Final Book Says There's 'No Possibility' of God in Our Universe

For my part, the most recent developments in evolutionary biology have increased the probability of a god. For the past 10, years at a minimum, the most important changes in human existence have been driven by cultural developments occurring in the realm of human ideas. In the Axial Age commonly dated from to B. The development of the scientific method in the 17th century in Europe and its modern further advances have had at least as great a set of world-transforming consequences.