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This article discusses how some adults on a school board reacted to this perceived threat. The majority of a school board voted to restrict access to Harry Potter books in the…. The Norwegian translations of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows : a comparative study of the book and films. A comparative study of the Norwegian translations of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, both book and films. Focusing on the relationship between the Norwegian literary translation and the Norwegian subtitles, in relation to names, spells and invented words.

It discusses the similarities and differences between them and ethical issues relating to the similarities. Brenner [ book review. Brenner, editor. Playing Harry Potter : Essays and interviews on fandom and performance. Tips from Harry Potter for American Schools. The United States has been swept up in the " Harry Potter " phenomenon, with film adaptations, companion readers, and literary critique and analysis following J. Rowling's books on the adolescent wizard's adventures. The book has also touched off a reaction from conservative Christian institutions seeking to ban the books in school….

There has been a recent surge in the popularity of youth fantasy books ; this can be partially attributed to the popularity of J. Rowling's Harry Potter series. Librarians and others who recommend books to youth are having a difficult time suggesting other fantasy books to those who have read the Harry Potter series and want to read other similar….

Harry Potter : Agency or Addiction? This article considers limitations on agency for characters in the Harry Potter novels, in particular, how far they are driven by an addictive yearning for their beloved dead. As well as Harry 's yearning for his dead parents, Dumbledore's guilt, Snape's longing and Slughorn's craving can be read as evidence of addiction rather than love, while the….

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Putting Harry Potter on the couch. This article will explore J. Rowling's Harry Potter literary series from a psychoanalytical perspective. The author draws out the main themes of the Harry Potter stories to see if they can be employed clinically to assist in psychotherapeutic work with children and adolescents.

The article begins by discussing Bettelheim's extensive work on children's fairytales and their therapeutic value, moving on to discuss Rustin and Rustin's more recent insights into narrative therapy and children's fiction. A clinical example is given of how the storylines were implemented to enhance a psychotherapeutic group process for adolescents.

The author hopes to illustrate the power of symbolism and metaphor in the Harry Potter storylines and elucidate why these books may appeal to young people with mental health difficulties. Harry Potter and the Dichotomous Key. In this lesson, students use Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans--a "wild" candy written about in the Harry Potter books and now available in stores--to learn about classification and dichotomous keys.

In these activities, students sort jelly beans according to a key and then construct a key for a "new" flavor of beans. Students then build on their…. This guidebook for teachers documents the " Harry Potter in Translation" project undertaken at the Language Research Centre at the University of Calgary. The guide also offers 5 sample lesson plans for teachers of grades three to twelve for teaching world languages using the Harry Potter books in translation to engage students.

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This article deals with the use of alternative texts, such as the Harry Potter book series in classroom teaching. In this article, the author discusses a wide range of themes that could be addressed in the classroom. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone deals with issues of greed, self-sacrifice, fear of the unknown, and self-confidence.

Spiritual Quest in the Realm of Harry Potter. Looks at the alternate and fantastic world of Harry Potter because it has so captured the imaginations of children and adults alike, garnering unprecedented weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. Describes many specific examples in which readers can connect and relate to the Harry Potter books. Explores the Harry Potter phenomenon with college students in a university course.

Compares the first book with the first movie. Presents an in-depth discussion of the movie and how it relates to the book. Cross-Culturalism of Harry Potter.

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Rowling have broken sales records worldwide. They have been made into films which have also attracted millions of fans, and the Harry Potter brand has been a hallmark since the beginning of the new millennium. Fifteen years after publishing the first book in the heptalogy, e- books again made more than 1 million pounds in just three days in April The article "Cross-Culturalism of Harry Potter " examines what attracted readers to the first and then subsequent books in the Harry Potter series and presents some of the cross-cultural implications in socio-linguistic, educational and psychological areas.

It analyzes the reasons for the sales records around the world and why the books appeal to both young and adult population. It also includes some controversy following the series' world success. The research methods include: evaluation of the primary sources seven books in the series, the media coverage, literary reviews by scholars such as Bloom and Thomas, literary critics' essays, and a survey of English language instructors in an educational institution.

The main contributing factors to the global popularity of the series are: highly entertaining, well-plotted text with fantastic setting but also realistic references to the modern era; the text which continues the archetypal story-telling traditions, incorporating the contemporary socio-economic, political and educational issues; smart marketing; excessive media coverage; the Internet; the film industry involvement; and the universal human need to believe that good can triumph over evil. Object relations in Harry Potter. Good fiction helps children address their emotional dilemmas by evoking repressed content, and offering strategies and meaningful values that help them work towards resolutions.

Because certain fundamental conflicts continue to be revisited and reworked throughout adulthood, it follows that masterful children's literature might enthrall adults as well. Given the extraordinary, worldwide success of the Harry Potter stories with both children and adults, it might be inferred that they, indeed, are among such literature. Common object relations themes, as well as other intrapsychic processes, are presented in such an imaginative and resonant way that the unconscious is readily engaged. The character of Harry Potter , specifically, embodies such universal repressed torments as the agony of destroying and losing the mother; the ominous perception of good and bad objects at war within the self; and the earnest reparative efforts offered to save the self from eternal separation from the beloved other.

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Harry Potter som transmedia storytelling. Harry Potter Inspires a New Sport. Rowling's novel Harry Potter. As a result of this camp, a new sport was invented--Quidditch--which soon took hold in Ontario, Canada. Explains that the author reads the Harry Potter books because of their impact on middle-school-age kids and their appeal to children ages 9 to Explains also that she works in professional development, especially literacy, and that she connects kids and teachers to the books.

Admits that she reads the books because "they are wonderful. The Rise and Rise of Harry Potter.

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Claims that although the Harry Potter stories--with their old-fashioned plots, settings, and characterizations--entertain richly, they rarely provoke, question, or inform. Suggests other contemporary writers who are pushing forward are equally exciting. Literacy curriculum connections through books give advantage to teachers to use adventure to enhance mathematical learning among children.

The way the children enhanced their mathematical competence by developing exciting mathematical activities and applications by using Harry Potter book episodes is discussed. Full Text Available Harry Potter is a very successful series of novels, mainly addressed to children and adolescents. Full Text Available Harry Potter , the book and film series are form of celebration of the magic world commodities. Media then took place as an amplifier that bringing the magic worlds as a part embodied in our real world.

Magic commodity consumption turns out with a magically success. Youth in different parts of world named themself as the generation of Harry Potter. The existance of Harry Potter has become a fetishism consumption, but activated so many Marxism critique about inequality and materialism, while consuming and celebrating the cultural industry of Harry Potter. Wands or Quills? Lessons in Pedagogy from Harry Potter.

This essay is grounded in the scholarship of teaching and learning and will focus specifically on the ways in which the Harry Potter books highlight the diversity of learning and teaching styles; privilege active experiential learning and problem solving over passive rote learning; and emphasize the benefits of collaboration over competition.

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Finally, it is shown that the books are a typical school series combination and that they can be read as such. Keywords: Harry Potter ; evaluation criteria; intertextuality; fantasy; Gothic novel; school series; critical literacy. Sleutelwoorde: Harry Potter ; beoordelingskriteria; intertekstualiteit; fantasie; Gotiese spanningsverhaal, The deathly hallows: Harry Potter and adolescent development.