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Solly Two Kings, also wonderfully named and perfectly rendered by Joseph Marcell, was, in his younger years, a conductor on the Underground Railroad. In my mind, this play stands out among all of the other Wilson dramas in depicting an evolving sense of self, identity, and even self-love needed to build character.

Under the Microscope extra: Gem of the Sea

Wilson meticulously defines all the characters in Act I, which is a challenge. Yes, they are beautifully rendered and robust with layered characteristics and intentions but when some of the stories seem more like speeches, the moments drag. She moves the characters along the pitched, sloped and concave set, designed by the amazing Scott Bradley, and orchestrates a full force ensemble.

The set, a marvelous construction of a deck afloat a cavernous ship becomes lit from beneath the floor boards, light design by Allen Lee Hughes , and with the swirling colors, and the sounds of ocean splashing and planks creaking, the audience, too, is magically transported onto the slave vessel where we bare witness to the countless souls who perished in the Middle Passage.

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Gem of the Ocean - DC Theatre Scene

This is theater at its finest. Wilson recognizes that we can all use help escaping from the various chains of emotional slavery that oppress, maim and kill us, and that, for me, is the most powerful message in Gem of the Ocean. This production of Gem of the Ocean with its confluence of top-notch creative teams and a stunning acting ensemble tackling a challenging work will be hard to beat.

Call Available online or by calling She has produced plays and concerts in her hometown of Chicago, and twice in the Capital Fringe festival. Rescued from shipwreck by a mysterious young lady who walks on water and carries a singing sea shell around her neck, he soon finds himself reunited with an old friend once thought lost to him.

I loved all of the elements that were incorporated into the telling, and I highly recommend reading this.

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It was completely original and extraordinary. Adventure into a mythical land for a friend he made long ago, this hero shows just how noble one can be and how strong friendships are, no matter the amount of years gone by.

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