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The idea was born in when a pair of old friends decided to transform a pleasant Tel Aviv corner into their first stand. Pick your malabi toppings, sip an espresso on the house, enjoy a playful backgammon game and a good beer at a reasonable price. We run a gallery, workshops, a cafe-bar and vegetarian kitchen, an art store presenting local artists and a multifunctional presentation venue for theater, dance, concerts, discussions and screenings.

Hamiffal is a public space created for and by the public. Anyone interested is invited to join at any time and make an impact. From this perspective, Hamiffal is a work of art produced by the general public and in a constant state of construction. The Hansen House Center for Design, Media and Technology offers permanent and changing exhibitions, one of which is a historical exhibition depicting the story of the Hansen House and its prior tenants.

Designed by German architect Conrad Schick, Hansen House was first established in as a leper asylum by the Protestant community of Jerusalem. In , the site was purchased by the Jewish National Fund JNF , and served as a leprosy treatment center through The Hansen House includes a movie theater, the Offaimm Cafe for sustainable organic agriculture, fabrication laboratory Hansen Fablab and a beautiful garden surrounding the building that was conserved and maintained with the rest of the compound. West of Jerusalem, down the eastern slope of Mount Eitan by the Sataf Springs, lies an area that has known agriculture for the last six thousand years.

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Here is where Shai Seltzer and his family founded the farm in On location there is an organic vegetable garden based on the ancient technique of terras farming, a goat herd of heads and an award winning goat cheese dairy. The farm leads activities, training programs and seminars on goat farming and cheese making, tasting exhibitions and special culinary events. Woofers and other earth loving volunteers are welcome to join the work. The menu changes day-to-day so everything is fresh, however of course there are the usual dishes: tomato pasta, rack of lamb, carpaccio, and the famous whole cauliflower.

Napkins flying, wine flowing, and table dancing! Be sure to book the later of the two available seatings for full party mode. In the Druze village of Beit Jann, in a private villa overlooking a pastoral mountain landscape, the Dabour family invites you to enjoy the authentic Druze cuisine. The owner of the house, Amal Dabour, learned the secrets and ways of traditional Druze cooking from home, and knows how to combine the Lebanese dishes she learned from her grandmother and her mother, who was from Peki'in.

Amal Dabour's brother is Dr. Dabour, a medicinal herbs, pharmaceutical specialist and founder of Dr. Enjoy homemade Druze hospitality and sumptuous authentic home cooking to recognize the unique traditional such as Mansaf, 15 types of salads and cooked, majadra, stuffed chicken meat and more. You can sign up for cooking workshops conducted by Amal Druze and she can host catered events with up to 50 guests.

Prominently resting on trendy Rothschild Boulevard is Hotel 65, a stylish cylindrical building which captures the effervescence of Tel Aviv. Designed to exemplify the luxurious development of the White City, the hotel's creative interiors reflect both classic and contemporary elements that have come to define this city. Hotel Montefiore embodies the essence of unparalleled luxury, intimacy and exquisite style in a picturesque, meticulously restored building in the heart of Tel Aviv, just steps from Rothschild Boulevard.

With a flagship restaurant and a bar serving artisanal cocktails, Hotel Montefiore satiates every desire. Their 12 rooms include boast dark hard-wood flooring, high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling libraries stacked with classic books and novels available in multiple languages, and walls covered in contemporary Israeli art. The black marble bathrooms in each of the rooms are stocked with exclusively developed bath and beauty products, bathrobes, slippers and all the essentials required for proper pampering.

Ika is passionate about using the finest ingredients, in the traditional techniques of French chocolate masters.

She apprenticed with leading French chocolatiers. In Ika created a special edition pralines gift boxes, in collaboration with the chocolatier Gilles Marchal, and Gerard Guy — culinary poet and artist. It was sold out at the Galeries Lafayette department store in Paris. At her atelier in Tel Aviv, the intricate production process takes place visibly behind large glass windows, at the back of the IKA Chocolate boutique. Impact labs is a place where software and hardware meet to collaborate.

Located in the shared innovation labs at WeWork HaZerem Tel Aviv, it's a new space for entrepreneurs, companies and non-profits looking to develop physical products. Impact labs offers easy access to high-end technologies, community based knowledge and access to valuable opportunities.

Impact Labs offers everything you need in order to create your impact, and a little more. They created a temple to the lost art of the cocktail. The kitchen is asian-colonial inspired, and the music varies from swing jazz at happy hour to surf and rock n' roll come late night when most of the city's bartenders come cruising around. Established in , iota designs signature rugs, poufs, stools, home accessories and a swing collection, all hand-made from an exclusive selection of yarns.

As a social business, they believe in female empowerment and giving back to society. Their yarns are bespoke, designed and produced exclusively from the highest quality cotton and polyester. They work with bold color pallets and designs which convey both emotion and innovation. Their designs convey the narrative of their hand-work and the story of their brand: the spaces we dwell in should tell the story of our identity and personality.

Only a minute drive from Jerusalem, Kalia Beach is where nature, adventure and healing blend in one of the most ancient places on Earth. Kalia Beach, located on the Northern Basin of the Dead Sea, is Eco-friendly and works to promote environmental awareness through multiple projects: anti-litter beach ashtrays, glass bottle return, recycling, showers powered by solar energy and more.

On the beach, you can camp, float on the sea, cover yourself in mud, and have a drink at the "lowest bar on earth. Surrounded by the wonderful landscape of the Judean desert, Kfar Hanokdim offers its guests relaxed southern hospitality and the chance for a real break from the daily grind with picturesque guest rooms, goat hair bedouin tents, and spacious lodges made of local stone. You can soak up the tranquility of the desert, hike the many trails surrounding the Kfar, go on a camel trek or cycling trip, enjoy one of their diverse workshops or just chill out in a hammock in a quiet corner until the twinkling stars cover the night sky.

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The Kfar was built with love for the desert and the desire to get to know and understand its ways, its unique plant and animal life, and the way of life of its people — the Bedouins. They offer a diverse variety of accommodations, in desert cabins, tents and lodges and they additionally offer programs for business, organization and family events. His first shoe designs were created from cardboard during his high school days. Worldwide attention and publications led to a growing demand for Kobi's artistic styles. In , Kobi opened his studio in Tel Aviv and started to offer his original designs for sale.

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In the studio, he creates, develops and produces limited edition pieces, all made by hand from high-quality materials. Since its opening in , La Shuk Restaurant has poured a Jaffa market authenticity into the urban setting of Tel Aviv with its colorful atmosphere, nostalgic scents, fresh raw ingredients and vibrant food.

Located on Dizengoff Square, you can take in the view of the renovated square, people watch and see your meal prepared in the open kitchen while listening to the Mediterranean melodies playing in the background. Lemishmeret Farm which literally means "safekeeping" is based on organic agriculture and promotes farm-to-table culture and well-being. Located 30 minutes from Tel Aviv in the small town of Mishmeret, the farm is surrounded by a breathtaking view.

The farm has a wide variety of activities, culinary events and workshops. Lemishmeret Farm provides an experience that renews the strong contact between people and the earth, promotes the natural relationship between organic farming, quality fresh food and a healthy lifestyle. Lunada is an experiential museum, the first of its kind in Israel.

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Innovative, interactive and fun for the whole family, encouraging activity and learning for all ages at an international level. We would like to invite you, children and adults, to come and share a special, colorful, emotional, educational and innovative experience that will leave you thirsty for more. The museum is housed in a 4, sq. Each area features a different aspect of the world we live in and allows children to experience the various layers of reality and to discover themselves and their place in personal life, family life, public and social lives, as individuals and as part of a group.

The hottest restaurant in Jerusalem is a place without a sign, in a neighborhood just traditional enough to be cool for the ironic-hipster scene - Machane Yehuda.

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Unlike most of the casual eateries around the shuk, Machaneyuda a clever play on the market's name is a more upscale chef restaurant, which has a new menu tailor-made for nearly every day. The restaurant was established by three well known Jerusalem chefs, Assaf Granit, Yossy Elad and Uri Navon, who joined forces to launch a place that serves joyful, modern Israeli cuisine.

The kitchen is completely visible, allowing you to see how your food is being made. Fish, seafood and desserts are highly recommended. Book well in advance! The hotel is located next to Mamilla Boulevard, the shopping and cultural center of the city.

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  • Hotel guests enjoy an exclusive guest experience elegant and modern rooms designed by Italian designer and architect Piero Lissoni characterized by meticulous refinement, elegance, modern comfort and exceptional facilities. The hotel offers its guests restaurants and bars run by chef Kobi Bachar, a fitness and spa complex, and luxurious banquet halls for celebrations and conferences.

    A unique combination of sophistication, lifestyle and modern style with the rich, historic and wonderful culture of Jerusalem. A Tel Aviv institution, this boisterous restaurant boasts indoor and outdoor dining options and a great beach view. It appeals to everyone from families to couples looking for romance, and attracts a loyal clientele. The imaginative appetizers vary from day to day. It is a true beachfront restaurant, located along side the sands of the beach, and just steps away from the clashing waves. Its kitchen is unique for its special and creative Middle Eastern cuisine.

    All of Manta Ray's fish and seafood are cooked with a lot of love and passion, led by their acclaimed chef, Ronen Skinezis. Designer Maya Negri, a graduate of the Shenkar College of Engineering and design, established her self-titled brand a year after she graduated.

    In the coming years, she launched dozens of collections, opened five stores nationwide and branched out to the global scene. Maya Negri allows every woman to portray strength, power and femininity without compromising comfort. She designs high quality garments that celebrate the female figure. Maya Negri sees her fashion trade as an additional layer of her comprehensive attitude toward life. Extreme sports, world travel, music and culture are her inspirations. From around the world, Berman and Nuphar gathered a small group of gifted performers, each with diverse talents and contrasting backgrounds.

    Sparked by their shared passion for rhythm and coordination, and fueled by their unique sense of humor and mischief, their group dynamic on stage was inexhaustible and infectious. This befits the name Mayumana, which comes from the Hebrew word for skill - Meyumanut. It has entertained millions of people around the world with its international touring cast, as well as in its home theater, The Mayumana House, which is located at the old harbor in Jaffa.

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    Meet in Place believes that all meetings matter. From pitch presentations to company events, they have the perfect room for the perfect vibe. There is a great power in meeting real people in real place. Their goal is to to make it flawless, equipped with the fastest wifi and the latest communication technologies.

    Their meeting rooms provide the impact you need.