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The Special Issue will address the research question of how do tourists observe and experience liminality.

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Addressing this question will provide a more holistic insight into the tourist experience. Guest Editors: Robert S.

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Liminal Landscapes

Liminal landscapes: Travel, experience and spaces in-between. Brooker, E. Developing a tourism innovation typology: Leveraging liminal insights.

  • Landscapes of Liminality : Between Space and Place.
  • Landscapes of Liminality.
  • Landscapes of Liminality: Between Space and Place.
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Journal of Travel Research, 53 4 , Clawson, M. Economics of outdoor recreation. Washington, DC: Resources for the Future. Crouch, D.

Introduction: re- mapping liminality | Liminal Landscapes | Taylor & Francis Group

Goodnow, J. An illustration of the quest genre as spiritual metaphor in adventure travel narratives. Hunter, C.

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The ecological footprint as a key indicator of sustainable tourism. Tourism Management, 28 1 , Going the distance: locating journey, liminality and rites of passage in dance music experiences. Leisure Studies, 29 3 , Lennon, J. Dark tourism. Lew, A. Tourism incognita: experiencing the liminal edge of destination places.

Light, D. Performing Transylvania: Tourism, fantasy and play in a liminal place.

Between Places and Spaces: Landscapes of Liminality

Tourist Studies, 9 3 : Mott, C. Not everyone has the balls: Urban exploration and the persistence of masculinist geography. Antipode, 46 1 , Preston-Whyte, R.

Salon - Paola Antonelli, "Hybrid: The Space in Between"

The beach as a liminal space. Liminal Landscapes fills this void by bringing together variety of new and emerging methodological approaches of liminality from varying disciplines to explore new theoretical perspectives on mobility, space and socio-cultural experience. By doing so, it offers new insight into contemporary questions about technology, surveillance, power, the city, and post-industrial modernity within the context of tourism and mobility.

Theorizing (in between) space and place in archaeology

The book draws on a wide range of disciplinary approaches, including social anthropology, cultural geography, film, media and cultural studies, art and visual culture, and tourism studies. It brings together recent research from scholars with international reputations in the fields of tourism, mobility, landscape and place, alongside the work of emergent scholars who are developing new insights and perspectives in this area.

This timely intervention is the first collection to offer an interdisciplinary account of the intersection between liminality and landscape in terms of space, place and identity. It therefore charts new directions in the study of liminal spaces and mobility practices and will be valuable reading for range of students, researchers and academics interested in this field.